Some see it. Some choose to ignore
Slowly by slowly, it adds to more
More torture, more cries, something I chose to adore!

I saw it coming, I read the signs also
So sad, my wound is now sore
Not wanting to believe became my new flaw
Dwelling in disappointments and hoping for more
Day by day, it had a new score
I couldn’t unsee what I saw
And now, I even can’t believe your love, I once wore!

Every day, I waited for you to change
I even forgot that people only change when they want to

I’m now feeling blue
So sad to be true
You should have at least given me a clue
What am I saying? Of course you did, I had the view
It happened so fast, your lies grew

You made me feel not good enough
You became selfish, our love blew away like chaff
We grew from smooth to rough
Did you have to fathom the idea of bringing me such pain ?

You can go on and always be right with another
Where you won’t have to swallow your ego and say sorry
I’m tired of walking on egg shells
So please, do free me from your love spell

Cause you tell me,
How was I to read your mind when you stopped communicating to me like before..
You made me feel insecure about myself,
The comparisons you started making !
You made me guilt trip for everything you intended to do
When, you didn’t tell me what it was..
Am glad I now know that..
Its better off feeling empty than waiting on you to change!

I’m currently choosing me
Finally, I’m letting you be
Go on and jubilate, there’s no more ‘us’ or ‘we’
I should have trusted my gut instincts
I get to understand it way clearer now
I wasn’t paranoid, they were indeed red flags!

With time, I hope our memories will no longer make me sad
Back in the days when I was mad
Madly in love with you
The only place I tried to sieve your goodness and not the bad

Miss me with It!


  1. Mariana was right to point me in your direction… the hope that the poem ends with, cancels out the pain it was built on… I shall now delve deeper into what you have to offer… no doubt you will explain why “welovemenow.”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The beauty of love… there is no end to it… and tears do more than wash the eyes… they aid in the cleaning of the soul… none off us are strangers… we just hadn’t met… but when we open up to the heart… we discover the beauty of love… and there is no end to it…

    The true cycle of life…

    Liked by 1 person

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