Gullible. Is what I have always been. Well, used to be. For years on end. Though, not anymore.

Before my realization of that which i have mentioned above, I used to weep uncontrollably for every action immediately after taking it. Oh honey, I used to agonize over my every own decision. Sad life that was. I was slowly killing the kindest being that was inside of me and as a result, a beast was what I made out of it. Out of me.

Life. Constantly, life gave me lemons and all I used to do was make lemonade out of it. Worse of all, not only for my benefit but for those around me as well.

Day in day out, I kept living in what i considered right.
What was mine was ours. Holy crap! How could I not see?

Mine was ours but there’s was there’s. I was doomed for quite a long time. An angel within is all that I embodied. Still do, albeit, with a little twist now.

With the lemons, I chose to squeeze it in people’s eyes. Categorically, ‘only those that carried me fi idiaaaaaat’
You had to earn it. See, the outcome wasn’t that bad after all.

See, in life, all that matters should keenly be that which matters a lot to you. That which robs you not of your peace. That which you can freely stand and check how far you’ve indeed come. Dignity. Remember to retain yours at all cost.

From me, to you! @welovemenow


Now that I have grown;

Death is no longer a term that I used to hear while I was young but instead, it has become a term that I deeply have come to understand both painfully and forcefully.

Death is something I wish to not have happened at my watch because, how do I go on after the death of a loved one? Someone I used to know?

A heartbreaking term that brings about a painful memorable relationship while trying to digest it all. Seems so unreal yet so real.

A term that’s coated with; Loss, pain and hurt.
To all the friends who are suffering a loss of their loved one;

My heart is breaking for you and I so much hate it that you are going through all that. It is well.


You talk to me about courtesy yet you sneeze without an ‘excuse me’ ? Who told you incivility should be accompanied with such kind of entitlement? Eew disgusting! I mean, if we are pin pointing here, I’d place your middle aged bum crack being open on a 24/7 as my number one diss. You suffocate your clothes quite much that’s why they can’t even fit!

Hex you for walking around cat calling lasses as if that’s the only job you got to do. You definitely should get a grip of yourself!

You literally hop into everything that’s inhumane. Who birthed you?

If you ever come as close as you always do, towards me, be rest assured that I will work some sort of character development on you! You definitely won’t like it but you shall board. Willingly or not.

Courtesy again? Excuse me, your breath stinks! Don’t chew my head off about it and for a thousandth time;

You are not anything like me.

Heart Felt Hope

Half hearted hope

For as much as I want to try as I might
Fly as high as where my sight would let me
Dream as big as what my vision would dare
Walk as long as the miles id love to venture to
Laugh as loud as my voice could

For as much as I would want to try as I might
I keep maintaining my half hearted hope
Imitating a lifeless life that seems so far from heartfelt but faultless!

Half hearted hope that seem to rob me of the peace within
Half hearted hope that openly means;
Just for the sake
Because, now that i am still alive
I gotta hold onto sth you know …
And that is; half hearted hope!

September 30

This being the last day of September, it surely marks the end of ‘September Series’ and with all honesty, I am so proud of myself for my consistency!

I would love to appreciate every one who took part in it by reading, commenting and sharing! I am holding your wonderful comments so dear to my heart! ❣
Lots of love!